Grueby Pottery exhibits

Exhibitions of Grueby Faience and Pottery

2/1895Architectural League of New York
4/1897Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston
12/1897Grueby Faience Company, Boston
5/1898Warren Chambers, Boston
11/1898Westminster Hotel, Boston
11/1898Walton Hotel, Philadelphia
12/1898Grueby Faience Company, Boston
2/1899Architectural League of New York
4/1899Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston
4/1899Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
4/1899Museum of Rhoad Island, Providence
10/1899Pratt Institute,brooklyn
11/1899National Arts Club, New York
12/1899Grueby Faience Company, Boston
2/1900Architectural League of New York
4/1900Exposition Universelle, Paris
 Two Gold Medals and one Silver Medal
12/1900Grueby Faience Company, Boston
3/1901Providence Art Club
5/1901Pan-American Exxposition, Buffalo
 Gold Medal
12/1901New York Society of Keramic Art
12/1901Exposition International , St Petersburg
12/1901Grueby Faience Company, Boston
4/1902Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Springfield
7/1902International Exhibition of Modern Decorative Art, Turin
11/1902Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics
12/1902Grueby Faience Company, Boston
1/1903Architectural League of New York
2/1903Worcester Art Museum
2/1903Architectural League of New York
5/1903Guild of Arts and Crafts, New York
12/1903Grueby Faience Company, Boston
1/1904Architectural League of New York
4/1904Louisuana Purchse Exposition, St. Louis
 Grand Prix
5/1904New Yoek Arts and Crafts Society
6/1904International Exhibition, Turin
 Grand Prix
12/1904Grueby Faience Company, Boston
2/1905Architectural League of New York
4/1905New York Society of Keramic Art
4/1905Mechanics Institute,Rochester
11/1905Detroit Institute of Art
12/1905Chicago Art Institute
12/1905Grueby Faience Company, Boston
2/1906Architectural League of New York
3/1906Newcomb Pottery, New Orleans
12/1906National Society of Craftsmen
12/1906Chicago Art Institute
12/1906Grueby Faience Company, Boston
1/1907Detroit Institute of Art
2/1907Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston
2/1907Architectural League of New York
3/1907Minnesota State Art Society
5/1907New York Society of Keramic Art
12/1907National Society of Craftsmen
12/1907 Grueby Faience Company, Boston
9/1908National Society of Craftsmen, Sugar Hill
12/1908National Society of Craftsmen, New York
12/1908Chicago Art Institute
12/1908Grueby Faience Company, Boston
1/1909Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston
2/1909Newcomb Pottery, New Orleans
4/1909New York Keramic Arts Society
12/1909Grueby Faience Company, Boston
12/1909National Society of Craftsmen, New York
2/1910Architectural League of New York
11/1910Newark Museum of Art
12/1910Final Exhibition and sale, Boston

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